The previous week i had an interesting discussion with people from odftoolkit,  and it seems that we have the same view on the ODT support for .Net.   There should be better a single product stronger and with more features than two smaller ones.

At the time being nothing is set, but in the following weeks there might be a new project on

The support for .Net 1.1 will be dropped,  and the current AODL2 codebase will be back-merged into original repository


I am happy to  announce that AODL2 1.4.03 is released! Source code and binaries can be found here.

Some features:

  • Included a class ContentMocker, which allows you to clone / mock any content. This includes cloning table with all it’s rows and cells, and styles.
  • Some performance improvements for handling styles
  • Cleaned up old code
    • Removed empty try catch blocks
    • Compiler warning level set from 0 (lowest) to 4 (highest)
    • CollectionWithEvent changed to use generics. As a result lots of duplicate code was removed
  • Fixed a bug, when empty rows and cells got a new style, even style with the same name already existed
  • Included some more tests

Please download and test. Any feedback is welcome. Please post any issues here

Today i moved AODL2 project from SourceForge to

Google seems like providing a nicier ticket system, and also includes a wiki.

Moving to wordpress

May 15, 2009

I’m moving from blogspot to wordpress. Blogspot was a painful experience :)

My old blog was here: