Grouping with ICriteria in NHibernate

June 29, 2009

Finally, i managed to find how to do grouping with NHibernate. Basically, what you need to know is that grouping and aggreagte functions are all made with IProjection.  A quick example would be:

return session.CreateCriteria(typeof(HumanTask))
.CreateCriteria(“Human”, “responsibleuser”)

What this does is: group tasks assigned to human, and returned the count and name for each group.  A nice way to understand how to use some features of NH is to read it’s code. I found this by looking at NHibernate.Test.Criteria.CriteriaQueryTest class. There is a nice method which creates a lot of criterias. that method is CloningProjectionsTest, have a look at it.


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