Annoyances with CodePlex

December 16, 2009

Recently i switch CodePlex to BitBucket.

The reason for doing this was mostly terrible support svn at CodePlex. AFAIK, svn is provided via SvnBridge. Everythings more or less ok until you start moving files around. For example, regrouping projects into different structure was impossible.

However, svn was not the least issue. Bug reports are completely ignored. Here is some list of SvnBridge unresolved issues:

There many more issues like these, but the most annoying thing is that there is completely no response! The whole point of creating issues seems so useless

Then there is an issue with licenses in CodePlex. It seems that someone is really not interested and pretends to be completely  ignorant that users are requesting more possible license choices.

Needless to say, 65 votes is a lot for a single issue!

This issue was reported 2 years ago (Dec 6 2007 at 12:18 PM), and so far no response from CodePlex at all.

Here is also a post about the same GPL v3 issue

When commiting files, i get “Server sent unexpected return value (409 Conflict) in response to CHECKOUT”

SourceGrid 4.22 released

December 12, 2009

SourceGrid 4.22 has been released for a while.

The most interesting changes are these:

  • QuadTree implementation for spanning cells. This improves performance 2 to 5 times when working with spanned cells. I used simple library found on codeproject.
  • Source code repository was moved away from CodePlex to BitBucket . New repository is here.

The reason for doing this is terrible support svn at CodePlex. Read more in another post. BitBucket is a site inspired by GitHub and provides Mercurial DCVS support. Hopefully this will encourage other people to experiment with this project.