Mercurial .hgrc file

April 1, 2010

I have puzzled myself  a few times wondering where is mercurial .hgrc file. You can find all the answers here.


  • (Unix, Windows) <repo>/.hg/hgrc

Per-repository configuration options that only apply in a particular repository. This file is not version-controlled, and will not get transferred during a “clone” operation. Options in this file override options in all other configuration files.

  • (Unix) $HOME/.hgrc
    (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\.hgrc
    (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini
    (Windows) %HOME%\.hgrc
    (Windows) %HOME%\Mercurial.ini

Options in these files apply to all Mercurial commands executed by this user in any directory. Options in these files override per-system and per-installation options.


One Response to “Mercurial .hgrc file”

  1. François said

    Great, thanks!

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